Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stick Art

Does your little boy love sticks too?
Little R is in love with sticks. It seems like wherever we go, he picks one up and won't let it go. So, we decided to go on a stick hunt. While we could have picked up lots of different sticks, we focused on picking up small sticks. Then we went home and made some stick art. . .

What you Need:

* Large Zip-loc bag
* Small to Medium sized sticks (Had to fit in the bag)
* Elmer's glue
* Colored Paper

How to do it:
1- Collect your sticks
2-Pick out your colored paper
3-Squeeze on Elmer's Glue in Design that you want
4-Put your collected sticks on your glue
5-Wait for your masterpiece to dry

Twist on the Project:
***Glue the sticks on your paper to make your child's name:) Always fun to practice the letters in your name.

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