Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glowing in the Dark

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit and brought us some fun entertaining things to do. . .

Glow Sticks
What a fun and cheap way to entertain your toddler. Little R played with these for about an hour and a half. Not to mention all of the adults in the room too. You can usually find these all the time at Michael's 15 for $1.00, you can also find them at Target for $1.00 in their cheap dollar bins at the front of the store. (Now is the time to stock up on these, because you can find them almost anywhere because of the Halloween Season)

What you need:
*Pack of glow sticks with connectors
*Dark room
*Maybe some fun music to twirl to and dance.

How to do it:
#1-Put your glow sticks together in the pattern that you want
#2-Turn out the lights
#3-Dance to the music and twirl glow sticks
#4-Laugh lots and remember to take turns:)

****Taking pictures of this activity was so much fun. It was fun to see the difference with and without the flash on.


  1. What an adorable idea! This is Candice, Trevor's cousin by the way. I found your blog through Megan's.