Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rainbow Makers

So I decided to post all of my ideas for little R on a public blog. I was tired of posting things that we did for fun on our family blog, and I wanted it to be organized in one specific place. My goal is to blog at lease once a week, and if I do more, great.

So here we go with day number 1.

I have wanted to make these for a long time, and I was inspired by my friend Amy Gerber. She is the singing specialist in nursery and made something like this. . .

My spin on these streamers: rainbow makers
Here is how you can make it. Super easy and fun. #1 Go buy some curly ribbon at a party store or dollar store. #2 Find the colors that you want and then cut each streamer at about 36 inches.

#3 Tie each one to a simple 1" ring. (Found these at Wal-mart for $1.44 for 8)

#4Then turn on some fun music and make some fun rainbows. R's favorite was to turn on the Sing, Hoot, and Holler Sesame DVD and dance to BAA BAA BAMBA.

Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY

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  1. I love this! YOu are so cute! If I see any cute Ideas, ill send them to ya. Love you, and Im so proud of you. THis can also make money for you if you get enough traffic. You should get a site counter :)