Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun in a Bucket

The other day little R was looking for something to do while I was cleaning the kitchen. He has always had a deep love for our ice cream maker. He will take the things out of it, and put them back in about a hundred times and use it for any number of things. So I thought that would be the perfect thing for him to play with. I took all of the things out of the ice cream bucket, and put Little M inside. He pushed her around until I got the dishes done. It was a great feeling doing my dishes while hearing giggling in the background. After I was done doing dishes it was his turn for a ride. What a cheap way to entertain, and nothing involved but a bucket, and a smooth surface. So the next time you are trying to get some cleaning done,

think, . . .BUCKET!!!

I promise she wasn't standing up while Little R was pushing. She just kept trying to get the camera every time I tried to get a picture!!!

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