Friday, October 2, 2009

General Conference Quiet Activity #2

Get to know President Thomas S. Monson
a little bit better, by making this Prophet box. It was super easy, I hope that little R enjoys it.

What you need:

*Box of some sort, I used a 50cent pencil box. But you could just use a shoe box.
*Facts about President Monson. (go to from here, then click on his picture)
*Clipart to go along with the facts

How you do it:

1- Print off the fact sheet about President Monson
2- Find clipart to go along with the facts you want your kids to learn
3- Cut and past clipart
4- Make a brief sentence or two about the fact for the back of your card.
5- Laminate for durability

****If I was thinking, I would have made two sets of cards for a MEMORY game.

Little R loves to put things in boxes, and look at pictures, so I thought that he might like this activity. PS I also got some of my facts from the church DVD, "On The Lord's Errand." This is a new DVD about Prophet Monson.

I tried to upload my images and other document, but it failed today. Maybe tomorrow.

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