Friday, October 23, 2009

Circle Crayons

Melissa this one is for you!!!

First: You take off the paper on those old crayons that you don't really like to use. Besides I am sure that you just bought new ones that were super cheap from all of those back to school sales. This took the most time, Little R was totally into this activity, even though he couldn't do it very well. It was me who took most of the paper off, but I was impressed that he stood there and watched while cheering for me!!!

Second: You let the toddler sort the crayons after the paper has been taken off. It was fun to watch Little R sort the crayons. He was so precise and would talk out his reasoning.

Third:Bake the crayons!!! Make sure that if you do this you spray the muffin tins with some sort of cooking spray. Otherwise you will have a mess. You bake them on 425 for about 5 or ten minutes. This is what they look like when you get them out of the oven. I don't really know how long it took to cool. We took them out and headed to the park. Then when we came back they were ready to take out and color with.

Fourth: Take them out of the pan and COLOR!!!! Just a tip: The ones with the most crayons turned out the best. The thin ones broke really easy.

Total Little R time: 3 hours
From start, to park, to finish

It was a little bit messy, but worth every bit of fun!!!

Thanks for listening to a mother, who thought this idea was fun and worth the time to see her 2 year old stinker, smile.

Let me know how they work Melissa

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  1. They worked great! And it was tons of fun to do! If you go to my blog you'll see our pics! Great Idea!!