Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Band-Aid Art

Band-aids are the cure all at my house.
Even a cure for the hyper little toddler.

Let me explain. . .


This is such a simple art project, because almost every home has band-aids of some sort and paper.

Here are the instructions:

1-Toddler picks out their favorite color paper
2-Adult grabs a couple of different types of band-aids
3-Have a little lesson about how to open up a band-aid
4-Let your toddler open up the band-aids all by themselves.
5-Stick the band-aids on the paper
6-Use a glue stick to stick down the wrappers of the band-aids

***Extra Bonus Points: Talk about the letter Bb and glue some Bb's on to the page or use some Bb magnets to hang it up on the fridge!

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