Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Lately Little R has sure been difficult. He has been talking like a baby, yelling a ton, hitting, crying non stop,testing my patience constantly, and just down right being a STINKER.
I keep wondering,
"Is this Normal? Is this a phase he is going through?
What is going on with this little 3 year old? "

Have you ever wondered if what your TODDLER is doing is considered NORMAL?

Hopefully, I am not alone on this. Well I was put at ease at his check-up at the doctors office last week. I was given a sheet with NORMAL DEVELOPMENT for a 3 year old.
And I discovered that what little R was doing was NORMAL BEHAVIOR!!! (For the most part)

Here is a list of all of the different types of development that I found rather reassuring, and rather hilarious at the same time.

Physical Development:
*May stumble and fall often.
*Undresses self, but needs help with dressing.

Emotional Development:
*Cries and hits at times.
*Quickly switches from shyness to high spirits and back again.
*May want to be a baby at times.

Social Development:
*Seeks approval from adults.
*Shares and takes turns OCCASIONALLY.
*Quarrels with other children.

Mental Development:
*Has attention span of no more than a FEW minutes.

Written by Donna Warner Manczak, PhD, MPH and Robert Brayden, MD

Way to go little R, you are well on your way to be a NORMAL little 3 year old.

Proud mother moment!!!

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  1. oh don't you worry, you're not alone! i could go on for days....and so could my neighbor! Whoever said it was the terrible twos, thought that before they turned three!!!!